About Department

Department of Engineer

The department of Engineering, Yangon University of Economics, together with  Executive Engineer(1-Person),  Assistance Engineer (2-Persons) , the office staff , Storekeepers section and other skill labours is involved in construction, maintenance, purchase and store the materials.

The task of our department are to claim the budget,  the tender announce the opening tender, supervision and quality control for the construction work.

For maintenance,we upkeep the building,motor vehicle, electrical components, water supply and sanitation.

We announce the tender for mechanical equipments, office equipments, furnitures and sports instrument for purchasing and store work.And then, we list of purchased items, distribute and record them.

Therefore, our department of Engineering at Yangon University of Economics are constantly striving the pleasant and modern condition to be able to study comfortably for the students and teachers and to provide a green and beautiful environment in the University Campus.

Admin Staff


Name – U Hla Moe

Position – Executive Engineer

Degree – AGTI (Civil), B.A (Myanmar)

Phone – 09768014140

Email Address – kohlamoe77@gmail.com

Admin Populations

No. Rank Count
1 Executive Engineer 1
2 Assistant Engineer 2
3 Branch Clerk 2
4 Store Keeper-2 1
5 Store Keeper-3 1
6 Typist 2
7 Skill Labour 4
8 Operator 3
Total 16