About the Department

Department of Administration ( Admin Affairs )

Yangon University of Economics, Department of Servant Affairs is the one which carries out all the affairs of teaching staff and office staff who works at the university. In this department, there are altogether 16 staff – 2 gazetted officers and 14 staff.


Admin Staff

U Kyaw Myint Swe

Deputy Head of Department (Admin)


Admin Populations

No. Rank Count
1 Head of Division 1
2 Head of Branch
3 Office Superintendent
4 Branch Clerk 3
5 Upper Division Clerk 3
6 Typist-1
7 Peon 1
8 General Worker 1
9 Postman 1
10 Worker(General) 1
Total 12

There are altogether 381 staff at Yangon University of Economics-204 teaching staff, 177 gazetted officers and staff. The department carries out their affairs and other office affairs and daily, monthly and yearly regularly as follows:

Daily schedules by Department of servant affairs are

  •  Appointment of teaching staff and office
  •  Profiles of civil servants
  •  Increment
  •  Promotion and Transfer
  •  Resignation and Retirement
  •  Action and Punishment
  •  Local and Foreign training and seminars
  •  Taking leaves
  •  Residence
  •  Dispatch
  •   Report on Service Book
  •   Issue and redelivery of orders, instruction and miscellaneous affairs

Monthly Schedules

  • Collecting and sending brief data and power points per month of Yangon University  of Economics to Department of Higher Education(lower)
  • Monthly Durbar
  • Monthly duty rooster for teaching staff and office staff
  • Sending monthly index to Department of Higher Education(lower)
  • Monthly index requested by Department of Higher Education(lower) & (Upper), Ministry for Education, Union Government office, Yangon Region Government office(Kamaryut) and South Dagon Township office

Annual Schedule implemented by Department of Servant Affairs

  • Assessment & Recommendation of four kinds of honoured medals on civil service-
    • medals for peace, law and orders restoration,
    • medals for peace and development
    • medals for civil service
    • medals for good civil service
  • Preparing and submitting annual reports
  • Planning security projects and fire-safety projects
  • Teaching staff’s vacation and taking vacation duty
  • Teaching staff’s matric correction duty
  • Teaching staff’s UDE Intensive courses duty
  • Compiling the lists of Department of Higher Education (lower) residence
  • Compiling annual data and figures requested by the audit department
  • Collection and submission of data for meeting of Administration Board of Yangon University of Economics

Contact Us

Department of Administration ( Admin Affairs )

U Kyaw Myint Swe

Phone : 09 420141557
Email : kyawmyintswe@yueco.edu.mm