Department of Academic Affairs

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Welcome to the Department of Academic Affairs

The department of academic affairs oversees a variety of academic programs and related departments at a university. The Head of Academic Affairs supports curriculum initiatives, faculty exchange and student exchange, faculty research and teaching, and all academic departments and programs.

This department provides professional development resources for faculty and develops, revises and implements policies and procedures when needed.

It is composed of Student Affairs, Student Service Center, Hostel Affairs. Examination Affairs, Computer Division and Sport Division.

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Admin Staff

Name – U Than Soe Oo

Position – Head of Department

Degree – B.Sc (Geology)(Qualifying), Diploma in Applied Geology (Petroleum), M.Sc (Geology), MPA

Phone – 09254020566

Email Address –


Department of Student Affairs

Deputy Director of Academic Affairs


Department of Computer

Deputy Director of Computer


List of Members of the Department of Academic Affairs

No. Rank Count
1 Head of Department 1
2 Registrar 1
3 Assistant Registrar 2
4 Sport Officer 1
5 Office Superintendent
6 Computer Instructor 2
7 Sport Instructor 1
8 Branch Clerk 8
9 Upper Division Clerk 11
10 Lower Division Clerk 2
Total 29