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There are three campuses at Yangon University of Economics: ‘Kamayut’, ‘Hlaing’ and ‘Ywathagyi’ Campuses.’ Yangon University of Economics (Kamayut Campus), situated at the corner of Pyay Road and Inya Road was established on the 2nd of November in 1964. Yangon University of Economics (Hlaing Campus), situated on Parami Road in Hlaing Township was opened as a branch of the Yangon University of Economics (Main Campus) in 1976-1977 academic year when regional colleges were opened. At that time, the first year and the second year Eco students had to attend at the Hlaing Campus.  In 2015-16 academic year, four bachelor degree courses for Accounting, Population Studies, Public Administration and Development Studies were opened.  As four additional undergraduate courses were opened in 2019-2020 academic year, there are now eight undergraduate courses in total at Hlaing Campus.  Yangon University of Economics (Ywathagyi Campus) was established on the 15th of November in 2000. In this campus, there are not only the same eight kinds of Undergraduate and Honours degrees but also Qualifying classes and Master Degree courses.

Currently, the department of English is being run with a total teaching staff of seven: one associate professor (Head of the Department), four lecturers and two part-time tutors (freshly appointed – in 2020).

For the time being, the department of English, as a supporting department, offers the only course on Business English to students who are specializing in respective academic disciplines like ‘commerce, accounting, business administration, statistics, population studies, economics, public administration and development studies.’

We contribute excellent and dynamic services to students specializing in various academic disciplines and train them to become well-qualified and efficient ones in a national as well as global community. We make sure our academic subject which is Business English (or ‘Business Communication’ for the third-year course starting from the up-coming academic year) implement the quality course. This competence-based curriculum ensures the students’ competency and makes them relevant to the demands of the business world.

Our Vision

To strive towards sustainable academic and research development of faculty and students enriching their English language skills to facilitate excellence and achievements in their respective academic disciplines.

Our Value

To uphold the values of the English Language Proficiency Skills and encourage the students to strengthen their respective academic disciplines efficiently and effectively.

Our Mission

  1. To help the students build a foundation with the English language skills for their further academic and/or career pursuit.
  2. To develop students’ English Communication Skills through interactive and motivating learning activities.
  3. To promote the students’ transferable, practical and professional skills needed for further study, as well as for success in their future careers.
  4. To guide the students to possess the marvellous business ideas across global cultures.

Our Motto

Let’s empower the learners to brighten their future.

Strategic Goals

  1. To preserve the reputation of our department by enhancing the professional development of the teachers, assuring quality course and sharing best.
  2. To provide mentoring and support for research for faculty at all professional levels at the department.
  3. To empower learners enriching their English language skills and encouraging knowledge acquisition and thus  facilitate excellence and achievements in their respective academic pursuits.



Participation of the department of English in the Pre-Union Day Event

In February, 2020, the teaching staff and office staff from the department of English participated in  the festival of selling nationalities’ traditional foods and cultural dance show  hosted as a Pre-Union event at YUEco (Ywathagyi Campus)

English Family’s donation in cash to the clinic of YUECo (Ywathagyi Campus)

In February, 2020, our English family members donated a total of 300000 MMKs in cash to the clinic of YUEco (Ywathagyi Campus) for the purpose of helping and supporting the clinic to provide free medical treatment to all sick persons: Read More …

University Level English Language Skills Competitions at YUEco (2018)

As an extra curriculum activity to develop students’ English language skills, at the university level, the department of English annually organizes the English Language Competition at YUEco, firstly. Those who would like to take part in the competition must take Read More …

Faculty MembersVisiting Professors/Lecturers

Head of Department

Daw Khin Myo Su

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Daw Swe Zin Latt

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Daw Thanda Swe

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Daw Thit Thit Myo

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Daw Hlaing Hlaing Htwe

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Currently, there are no Visiting Professors or Lecturers at the department of English. However, funded by Georgetown University, Washington DC, USA, there was a visiting English Language Fellow Ms Eva Topuria Bevis from Indiana University Bloomington from September, 2016 to July, 2017 at the department of English, YUEco. For the purpose of exposing teaching staff of English as well as students to foreign teacher’s well-training, English Language skills and knowledge enhanced. As she put great efforts to training and shared her best, it was very beneficial to the trainees in teaching and learning English to improve their communication skills.

No. Training Name University Type of Visit Funded Organization Duration
1. Training on English Language Skills to Teaching Staff of English + First Year Students (Hlaing Campus) Ms Eva Topuria Bevis Indiana University Bloomington, USA English Language Fellow Georgetown University, Washington DC, USA September, 2016 – July, 2017

Currently, we do not have our own programmes conducted. However, as a supporting department, we have been offering ‘Business English’ and /or ‘Business Communication’  to the certificate and diploma courses of the CHRD (Center for Human Resource Development) students of CBS (Certificate for Business Studies), DBS (Diploma in Business Studies), DipDS (Diplama in Development Studies) and DSM (Diploma in Secretarial Management) Courses conducted by different major departments at YUECO (Kamayut and Hlaing Campuses) in the early mornings as well as in the late evenings. We are making good uses of efforts to strengthen the current courses conducted with the CHRD students. We are also helping them to be engaged in the efficient and effective uses of English as most of them have jobs and some of them really need to use English at their work places. At present, what we are providing for the CHRD students can be shown as follows:

BrochureCurriculumAssessment System

As a supporting department, we have been offering ‘Business English Course’ to the first year, second year and third year students of bachelor degrees as a foundation course. However, starting from the up-coming academic year, ‘Business English’ will be renamed ‘Business Communication’ for the third year course for  some specializations. Currently, ‘Market Leader’ has been prescribed as a text book for first, second and third year students of the bachelor degrees at the levels of elementary, pre-intermediate and intermediate respectively.

The Course book ‘Market Leader’ provides the main part of the teaching material divided into 12-topic-based units. Among them, the first 6 units are prescribed to teach in their first semester and the next 6 units are in their second semester of each year. Generally, for each year, the introductions can be shown as follows.

including dictations for listening, presentations for speaking and listening and a formal written assignment as well as ‘a three-hour final written examination’. According to the allocation of the percentage, 20% is for tutorial-based assessment, 5% each for written assignment and presentation and 70% for the final written examination.

Apart from these undergrads, we have been providing English Proficiency Course for the post-grad (Ph.D – Preliminary Course – one year) students who are faculty members from major departments of not only YUECo but other universities such as ‘Cooperative University’ (Yangon & Sagaing) and other ‘Arts and Science Universities’, etc. We are just training and facilitating them to be proficient in English and to be effective and efficient users of English so that they can teach and learn their academic disciplines better.

There has been a research paper written by a faculty member of the department of English and it was published in ‘Universities Research Journal’ (Lower + Upper Myanmar) as in ‘Volume 2, No 6’ in December, 2009. The research area is teaching grammar to the undergrads and the title is “A communitive Approach to Teaching Types of Sentences: ‘Simple, Compound, Complex and Multiple Sentences’.” The purpose of doing this research is to explore better ways to teach students grammar interestingly and effectively rather than in a traditional way. It can be said that to some extent this teaching method is successful in conveying the message of how to deal with grammar areas effectively to make the students learn and have fun in learning grammar.

In fact, we are providing mentoring and support for research for the faculty members at all professional levels at the department.

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Heads of DepartmentProgramme Founders
Heads of the Department of English (YUEco) who have retired are shown as follow:
Sr. Name Duration
1. Daw Khin May (1964 – 1968)
2. Daw Khin Kyi Kyi (1968 – 1970)
3. Daw Mya Than (1970 – 1971)
4. Mr. L J Kan Gyi (1971 – 1985)
5. Daw Khin Myo Myint (1986 – 1989)
6. U Mya Thaung (1989 – 1995)
7. Daw Mya Win (1995 – 1996)
8. Daw Khin Mar Wai (1996)
9. Daw Maw Maw Oo (1996 – 1998)
10. Daw Aung May Khin (1998)
11. Daw Kyi Kyi Nyunt Lwin (198 – 1999)
12. Daw Thida Tun (1999 – 2003)
13. Prof. Dr Yi Yi Maw (2003 – 2014)
14. Prof. Dr Myint Myint Khine (2014 – 2019)

Prof: Dr. Khin Mar Wai

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Prof: Dr Thida Tun

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Prof: Dr. Yi Yi Maw

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Prof: Dr. Myint Myint Khine

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