The Yangon University of Economics is empowered to award the following degrees and diplomas.

Graduate Degrees

1. Bachelor of Economics majoring in Economics (BEcon /Eco)
2. Bachelor Economics majoring in Statistics (BEcon /Stats)
3. Bachelor of Public Administration (BPA)
4. Bachelor of Development Studies (BDevS)
5. Bachelor of Population Studies (BPS)
6. Bachelor of Commerce (BCom)
7. Bachelor of Accounting (BAct)
8. Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
9. Bachelor of Business Management (BBM) (In Collaboration BBM with National Management Degree College)
10. Bachelor of Actuarial Science (BAS)

Postgraduate Degrees

Master Degree (Regular Degree Programme)

  1. Master of Economics majoring in Economics (MEcon /Eco)
  2. Master of Economics majoring in Statistics (MEcon /Stats)
  3. Master of Population Studies (MPS)
  4. Master of Commerce (MCom)
  5. Master of Accounting (MAct)

Master Degree (Professional Degree Programme)

  1. Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  2. Master of Public Administration (MPA)
  3. Master of Development Studies (MDevS)
  4. Master of Banking and Finance (MBF)
  5. Master of Applied Statistics (MAS)
  6. Master of Marketing Management (MMM)
  7. Master of Hospitality and Tourism Management (MHTM)
  8. Master of Human Resource Management(MHRM)
  9. Master of Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation (MSESI)
  10. Master of Insurance (MI)

Doctoral Degree Programme

  1. Ph.D in Economics PhD (Economics)
  2. Ph.D in Statistics PhD (Statistics)
  3. Ph.D in Commerce PhD (Commerce)

Post Graduate Diploma Programme

  1. Post Graduate Diploma in Research Studies (PGDRS)
  2. Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing Management (PGDMM)
  3. Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management (PGDHRM)
  4. Post Graduate Diploma in Management and Administration (PGDMA)

Human Resource Development (HRD) Programme (Diploma & Certificate)


  1. Diploma in Development Studies (Dip DS)
  2. Diploma in Business Studies (DBS)
  3. Diploma in Financial Accounting (DFAc)
  4. Diploma in Management Accounting (DMAc)
  5. Diploma in Secretarial Management (DSM)


  1.  Certificate in Business Studies CBS
  2.  Certificate in Advanced Business Studies CABS

Center of Excellence for Business Skills Development Programme (Certificate)

  1.  Community Porject Management
  2.  Excel Essential for Beginners
  3.  Microsoft Workplace
  4.  Start your own business
  5.  Job Readiness (CV Writing)
  6.  Marketing Management
  7.  Business Skills for Youth
  8.  English Conversation Club

Myanmar-India Entrepreneurship Development Centre (Certificate)

  1.  Human Resource Management for Entrepreneurs
  2.  Marketing Management for Entrepreneurs
  3.  General Management for Entrepreneurs
  4.  Logistics Management for Entrepreneurs
  5.  Financial Management for Entrepreneurs
  6.  Strategic Management for Entrepreneurs
  7.  Project Management for Entrepreneurs
  8.  Personal Selling and Sales Management
  9.  Leadership and Management Skill for Entrepreneurs
  10.  Digital Branding and Marketing
  11.  Marketing Research