Ei Pyae Phyo Kyaw

Ei Pyae Phyo Kyaw was an undergraduate student of Public Administration from YUEco who attended the winter semester at Hochschule Aalen with the program of BADEN- WÜRTTEMBERG-STIPENDIUM along with other 4 fellow students from YUEco. The exchange period was from September 2018 to February 2019. During her stay there, in addition to learning German as a second language, she actively participated in the university’s extracurricular activities such as choir clubs, volunteering, the buddy programs, etc. She was also able to share Myanmar culture and tradition through Myanmar Night, an event organized by Myanmar students studying at Hochschule Aalen. Ei Pyae was granted the title of Honorary Ambassador of East Wuerttemberg by the Regional District Governments of East Wuerttemberg due to her active participation in regional activities. She not only experienced the student life of studying abroad but also was able to learn different cultures and backgrounds, got mind blowing experiences and made lifelong friends owing to BADEN-WÜRTTEMBERG-STIPENDIUM.