Faculty Exchange for Certificate Course in Asia Institute of Technology (AIT), Thailand

Exchange University: Asia Institute of Technology (AIT), Thailand
Participants Faculty Member: Daw Soe Yu Hlaing and Daw Moe Hnin Phyu
Lecturer from Department of Applied Economics

Period of Faculty Exchange Program: From 3rd August to 20th December, 2018.
Gender and Development Faculty Exchange Program was offered by the Department of Gender and Development Studies (GDS) under the School of Environment, Resources and Development (SERD) of AIT. This program was supported by International Development and Research Center (IDRC), and it aims to deliver gender and development knowledge to policy makers and development planner through upgrading courses of Economics and Public Administration. Especially, it aims to integrate Gander and Development (GAD) in Public Policy and Economic Development, as well as, integrate GAD in the Macroeconomy. Moreover, it also aims to collaborate research activities between the faculty members from Department of Gender and Development Studies, AIT and Department of Applied Economics & Department of Economics, YUEco.

During the five-month certificate course, the participants have taken about 9 to 10 credit units and studied about 4 subjects for completion of certificate program. Our faculty members have taken the courses, and these courses were mainly related to courses offered by our department of Applied Economics. These courses are;

• ED75.9010 Gender & Development Communication (3 Credits)
• ED75.9020 Gender and Development: Principles and Concepts (2 Credits)
• ED 75.9021 Science, Technology and Gender (2 Credits)
• ED 75.9022 Gender, Enterprise and Development (2 Credits)

Under this program, our faculty members have also participated the practical activities which collaborated with UN Women, Child-labour affairs by ILO, practical field trip to Association for the Promotion of Status of Women (APSW) under Royal Patornage of HRH Princess Soamsawali. In addition, we also collaborated in practical trip to PTT petrol and energy public company limited, Thailand, which aims to better understanding of Gender, Enterprise, and Organization course from the standing point of CSR by practically studying the sustainable strategy of CRSR (corporate reputation and social responsibility) for Business enterprises and public sectors. For completion the courses, we need to submit the country paper which concerns Myanmar’s present situation about gender and development, and our planned contributions for interested gender and development corner. Moreover, our faculty members need to make a group campaign about Gender Issues of AIT campus with other students from various countries to accomplished the faculty exchange program.

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