University Level English Language Skills Competitions at YUEco (2018)


As an extra curriculum activity to develop students’ English language skills, at the university level, the department of English annually organizes the English Language Competition at YUEco, firstly. Those who would like to take part in the competition must take three kinds of competitions: ‘2-hour essay writing’, ‘5-minute impromptu talk as individually’ and ’15-minute round-table discussion as a group of 4 students’. The ones who score the highest are awarded the first, second, third prizes as well as consolation prizes respectively. Secondly, at the lower Myanmar level, all the first-prize winners from each university in lower Myanmar have to take part in the same three kinds of competitions at the department of English of Yangon University again. Finally, from the selected winners from upper and lower Myanmar institutions who take part in the competitions at the National Level English Language Competition for students from Higher Institutions Education, the best ones are awarded the first, second, third prizes and consolation prizes respectively. In fact, it is such a programme of upskilling the students’ English Language Proficiency and building up their confidence to talk in English, particularly in front of the public.