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Assistance Registrar. Daw Thin Thin Moe
Assistance Registrar. Daw Thin Thin Moe

Daw Thin Thin Moe / Assistant Registrar

Degrees, Diplomas & Certificates

Ph.D Programmes

  • Ph.D in Economics
  • Ph.D in Commerce
  • Ph.D in Statistics

Master Degree Programmes

  • Master of Economics
  • Master of Statistics
  • Master of Commerce
  • Master of Accounting
  • Master of Business Administration
  • Master of Public Administration
  • Master of Development Studies
  • Master of Population Studies
  • Master of Banking and Finance
  • Master of Applied Statistics
  • Master of Marketing Management

 Bachelor Degree Programmes

  • Bachelor of Accounting
  • Bachelor of Statistics
  • Bachelor of Economics
  • Bachelor of Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Commerce
  • Bachelor of Public Administration
  • Bachelor of Development Studies
  • Bachelor of Population Studies

Post Graduate Diplomas

  • Diploma in Economic Studies
  • Diploma in Statistics
  • Diploma in Management & Administration
  • Diploma in Education Management
  • Diploma in Development Studies
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Research Studies
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing Management
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Hotel Tourism and Management

Diploma Programmes under CHRD

  • Diploma in Business Studies (DBS)
  • Diploma in Financial Accounting (DFAc)
  • Diploma in Management Accounting (DMAc)
  • Diploma in Secretarial Management (DSM)  (in Collaboration with LCCI EB of British Council)
  • Diploma in Banking (DB) (in Collaboration with Myanmar Institute of Banking)

 CHRD – Certificate Programmes

  • Certificate in Business Studies (CBS)
  • Certificate in Book Keeping (CBK)
  • Certificate in Basic Computing (CBC)
  • Certificate in Business Information Studies(CBIS)
  • Certificate in Advanced Business Studies(CABS)

Graduate Population

 Graduates (1964-2019) 

Undergraduate 63020
 MBA 2708
 MPA 1518
 MDevS 868
 M Econ (Eco)  300
 M Econ (Stats)   254
 M Com  355
 M Act       22
 MPS  17
 MAS  11
 MBF 532
 Diploma 7379
 Ph.D 80
 Total: 77036