The Yangon University of Economics is empowered to award the following degrees and diplomas.

Graduate Degrees

1. Bachelor of Economics majoring in Economics BEcon (Eco)
2. Bachelor Economics majoring in Statistics BEcon (Stats)
3. Bachelor of Public Administration BPA
4. Bachelor of Development Studies BDevS
5. Bachelor of Population Studies BPS
6. Bachelor of Commerce BCom
7. Bachelor of Accounting BAct
8. Bachelor of Business Administration BBA
9. Bachelor of Business Management (In Collaboration BBM with National Management College)

Postgraduate Degrees

Master Degrees (Regular Degree Programme)
1. Master of Economics majoring in Economics MEcon (Eco)
2. Master of Economics majoring in Statistics MEcon (Stats)
3. Master of Population Studies MPS
4. Master of Commerce MCom
5. Master of Accounting MAct

Master Degree (Professional Degree Programme)

1. Master of Public Administration MPA
2. Master of Development Studies MDevS
3. Master of Business Administration MBA
4. Master of Banking and Finance MBF

Doctoral Degree Programme

1. Ph.D in Economics PhD (Economics)
2. Ph.D in Statistics PhD (Statistics)
3. Ph.D in Commerce PhD (Commerce)

Postgraduate Diplomas

1. Diploma in Economics Studies DES
2. Diploma in Statistics DS
3. Diploma in Management and Administration DMA
4. Diploma in Development Studies Dip DS
5. Diploma in Education Management DEM
6. Diploma in Marketing DIM
7. Diploma in Research Studies DipRS

Human Resource Development (HRD) Programme (Diploma)

1. Diploma in Business Studies DBS
2. Diploma in Financial Accounting DFAc
3. Diploma in Management Accounting DMAc
4. Diploma in Business Accounting DBAc
5. Diploma in Secretarial Management DSM
(In Collaboration with LCCI EB of British Council)
6. Diploma in Banking DB
(In Collaboration with Myanmar Institute of Banking)

Human Resource Development (HRD) Programme (Certificate)

1. Certificate in Business Studies CBS
2. Certificate in Book Keeping CBK
3. Certificate in Basic Computing CBC
4. Certificate in Business Information Studies CBIS
5. Certificate in Advanced Business Studies CABS
6. Certificate in Advanced Accounting CAA
7. Certificate in Computerized Accounting CCA
8. Certificate in ASEAN Economic Studies CAES