The Yangon University of Economics is a State University which is under the Department of Higher Education (Yangon Region, Myanmar), Ministry of Education. The University was established as a professional institute to train economist, statisticians, accountants, and management personnel, and to do research on economic, business and statistical issues related to the Myanmar Economy.

The Yangon University of Economics originated as Department of Economics under the University of Rangoon (Yangon) in 1924. In 1940, the Department of Economics began teaching Commerce as a special subject. Special courses in Statistics were given by the Department since 1953. In 1955, separate Commerce Department was established; and in 1956, a separate Statistics Department was established. Also in 1958, another Department of Economics came into being in Mandalay along with the founding of Mandalay University.

With the introduction of the new system of Education in 1964, all these departments were brought together and reorganized into present Yangon Institute of Economics. In 1988, the Department of Management Studies and Department of Applied Economics were set up. The University now has five major teaching departments, namely, Economics, Applied Economics, Statistics, Commerce, and Management Studies. The other supporting Departments of the Institute are the Myanmar Language, English, Mathematics, and Geography Departments.

The University is organized with the Rector, Pro-Rectors and Heads of Departments forming the Administrative Board and the Academic Board. There are at present a total of 385 full-time staffs in the Institute, out of which 171 are engaged in teaching and research. The rest are administrative and support personnel.
The total student enrollment each year is about 8579, of which 1200 are fresh admissions. Courses in Economics, Statistics, Commerce, and Management are offered at the Bachelors, Honours, Masters and Diplomas levels. At present, the University is offering the courses for 9 bachelor degree, 9 master degrees, 11 post graduate diploma degrees, and 3 doctoral degrees. The University has nurtured more than 60,000 graduates who specialized in Economics, Statistics, Commerce and Business Studies.

The University has three Campuses: Kamayut Campus, Hlaing Campus, and Ywa Tha Gyi Campus. The Kamayut Campus, the Original Campus, located on the shores of Inya Lake at the corner of Inya Road and Pyay Road. The Hlaing Campus is situated about one mile from the Kamayut Campus. The Ywa Tha Gyi Campus, the newly Campus established in 2000, is located 13 miles away from Kamayut Campus.

The undergraduate courses are being offered in Ywa Tha Gyi Campus and Master courses and PhD courses are being conducting in Kamayut Campus. In Hlaing Campus, YEco has been offering the courses under the Human Resource Development (HRD) programme and has established Myanmar-India Entrepreneurship Development Center since 2009. Also in Hlaing Campus, it is going to launch Business Skills Incubation Center in coming June, 2013.

In line with the reforms, transformed as Yangon University of Economics in 2014.



1. Dr. Aye Hlaing
Dr. Aye Hlaing
(1964 – 1975)
3. Dr. Khin Mg Nyunt
Dr. Khin Maung Nyunt
1977 – 1993
4. Dr. Than Nyun
Dr. Than Nyun
1993 – 1994
5. Dr. Myat Thein
U Myat Thein
1994 – 1997
6. Dr. Maw Than
U Maw Than
1997 – 2000
7. Dr. Kan Zaw
Dr. Kan Zaw
2000 – 2011
8. Dr. Khin San Yee
Dr. Khin San Yee
2011 – 2012
9. Dr. San Lwin
Dr. San Lwin
10. Dr. Khin Naing OoDr. Khin Naing Oo
2014 – 2018
RectorDr. Tin Win
– 20

Brief History


 1924  Originated as the Department of Economics under the University of Rangoon
 1964   With the introduction of a new system of education, Yangon Institute of Economics was established with three major departments _ Economics, Commerce and Statistics, and four supporting departments of Myanmar Language, English, Mathematics, and Geography.
 1966  A new department, the Department of Research was formed
 1988  The Research Department was transformed into the Department of   Management Studies. New department, the Department of   Applied Economics was set up.
 1995  The Master of Business Administration programme was launched
 1998  Doctoral (Ph.D) programme initiated
 2000  The Master of Public Administration programme was launched
 2000  Ywa Tha Gyi campus inaugurated
 2002  EMBA & EMPA
 2003  EMDevS
2005 DEM
 2007  Online MBA Programme was launched
 2009   Myanmar-India Entrepreneurship Development Centre (MIECDC)  inaugurated
2013 MBF, DIM & CAES
2014 DipRS
 2014  In line with the reforms, transformed as Yangon University of Economics



 Main Campus

 Kamayut Campus


 Ywathar Gyi Campus

Hlaing campus

 Hlaing Campus


Hlaing Campus (Padamyar Building)